Indicator #1: Volume. Volume is truth. Volume is honesty. Volume tells us what is happening. Of all the technical indicators that exist, volume is perhaps the most used and most familiar to even new traders and investors. Volume also has its sub-type of study in technical analysis known as, get ready for it: Volume Analysis.
Thinkorswim: Please click here to download your free ConnorsRSI instructions for Thinkorswim. The list of trading software packages and brokers using ConnorsRSI is growing steadily. This code is out there for the Connors RSI (thinkorswim) but when I install it the final line is error.
VPAv1_08.ts is the most recent and updated script reattaching the script here. It's in this thread as well. Hi Massive: I am a beginner ToS user, and not especially knowledgable about TOS (.ts) script rules. I am trying to understand what of this file I should copy to my ToS thinkscript to get it to be useful/run. I first transferred it to notepad to review it, but found what appears to be ... May 31, 2009 · That way you can do some back testing by zooming into some range in the past and see how you might have traded and what the stock actually did after that as you scroll through the chart (scroll bar at bottom). You can also see more details on bid/ask and volume, and extended hours trading on the left.
This indicator (see top picture) creates a histogram display of the Bid and Ask volume using a calculation with square roots and logarithms. It is similar in intent, but different in measurement to the AvgDelta calculation. This indicator provides a display whose output is numerically compressed and provides visual emphasis of peaks.
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