Cellular respiration is the set of the metabolic reactions ad processes that take place in the cells of organisms to convert biochemical energy from nutrients. It is the process of oxidizing food ...
Cellular respiration definition, the oxidation of organic compounds that occurs within cells, producing energy for cellular processes. See more.
Which of the following statements regarding cellular respiration is false? A) Cellular respiration consumes glucose. B) Cellular respiration is a single chemical reaction with just one step. C) Cellular respiration produces water. D) Cellular respiration produces carbon dioxide. E) Cellular respiration releases heat. What gas is released in the process of cellular respiration?, True of false: Cellular respiration takes place in plants, What are the products of cellular respiration, What are the reactants of Cellular respiration
Cell respiration is the underlying reason why oxygen is important. Each and every cell in every organism (plant or animal) must have oxygen in order to make ATP so that each cell has the energy available to maintain its complex organization that is essential for that cell to carry out the basic functions required to stay alive.
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