Game description: The events of The Henry Stickmin Collection gain steam. There is a mysterious Toppat Clan at play that has developed a powerful rocket and wants to launch it from the earth surface secretly from the government.
Henry Stickmin Series - Stick Figures - Movies and Games. Watch the best stick fights on the net. From Xiao Xiao to every other good series. Saved by Disus Chicago . 1.
The Henry Stickmin Collection is known as a game that gives the player freedom of action, allowing their decisions to influence the course of events. So in this part it depends on you whether the rebels from a secret organization can violate the safety of the Earth or not. Henry Stickmin: Completing the Mission is the final quest from the legendary series of games where you can change the flow of events with your own decisions. Here you have to become a recruit of the government and set out to undermine the plans of the Toppat Clan. They want to launch a rocket that will ensure their dominance on the orbit.
Giới thiệu game The Henry Stickmin Collection. Tải game The Henry Stickmin Collection miễn phí link Google Drive | Free download The Henry Stickmin Collection full crack PC. The Henry Stickmin Collection is a Newgrounds choose-your-own-path classic, reborn and revitalized. This 6-game epic culminates in multiple entirely canon ...
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