Seiko SKX007 vs SKX173 ComparisonLong Island Watch. Following up on our SKX009 video, this video explains the differences between two very popular Seiko divers, one of them international, and the other made for ...
Seiko Diver SKX007, SKX009 & SKX011 Ersatzband. Super-Schwerlast Oyster solide 316L Edelstahl-Armband-Design für Seiko Diver SKX007, SKX009 & SKX011 Modellen oder sonstigen 22mm Öse Seiko Diver oder Sport Fällen mit der gleichen Krümmung wie die oben genannten Modelle. Generisches 2,5 mm Durchmesser aus Edelstahl Federstäbe enthalten
Oct 21, 2019 · The SKX007 is ISO divers rated, as are all Seiko’s which say Scuba or divers. All individually tested, and approved. Having seen one tested to 460m, when the testing machine blew a gasket, and the 007 was completely untroubled, I’d trust it. Setelah kegalauan antara SKX009, SKX007, dan SKX013 akhirnya kesampean juga untuk review salah satu jam tangan diver yang sangat "iconic" di kalangan kolektor dan pecinta jam tangan. Yes SEIKO SKX009 dan yang lebih specialnya lagi adalah ini versi JD..
95% the same as the SKX007 The now-rare MOV'T SINGAPORE variant of the US-market SKX173. Sent from my SM-N935F using Tapatalk. ... SKX007 vs. SKX009.
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