In that case, we don’t want any of the buttons to appear as green. By using the Userform_MouseMove event, we can essentially reset the userform by making all the white buttons visible. The precise moment the cursor moves off a control and onto the Userform’s background, this VBA code will trigger and change the visibility state of our buttons.
The Form.OnOpen property = "[Event Procedure]". I forgot that there is a call to a sub there to populate the tree. The sub runs fine if I don't have the Mousdown handler in the form's code. TestTree is the name of the object - I tested this by defining handlers for the object's dblClick event. I will try to rebuild the form and report the results.
Aug 27, 2019 · Keyboard & Mouse Events Modified on: Tue, 27 Aug, 2019 at 7:58 PM. Note: Advice ... If you get into the event and the first thing you do is an "empty" return, when the condition is not matched, is almost the same than ignoring the click-event but much easier. You are not ignoring the click of the mouse, you are just executing nothing when you don't want to.
I haven't used VBA, but SetCursorPos is an API call. If VBA can do that then VBS can't do most of what VBA can do. VBS can't call a "normal" DLL and it has no data types, so it can't send the 32-bit integers needed in the SetCursorPos call. VBS only knows variants and objects. It's removed from any direct memory access. WSH is interpreting the ...
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